Server Monitoring Commands

Disk Stats

Disk Usage detials

LSOF means list of open files. This command watches total open files on server. A very good article for further reading

Disk IO Stats

shows the disk I/O stats

12 Useful “df” Commands to Check Disk Space in Linux

General Monitoring

Find Out Who Is Logged on And What They Are Doing

Server general stats like: uptime, load average, users, etc

Free and consumed ram

Monitor memory, swap, io

shows the servers stats

Regular expression to find a process command -a, view other users processes as well as your. “”-u””, means that information regarding the users running services, amongst other things. “”-x””, displays all processess, including those without controlling terminal sessions.”

CPU model information

MySql Monitoring

List of files and folders with size at 1 second interval

List of folders only with size at 1 second interval

shows mysql process list in watch


Number of queries running

Apache Monitoring

Number of apache threads

Number of apache established threads

watch number of apache established and listening threads per user

apache user count, connections, etc


ExtendedStatus On apache2ctl needs this block

Firewall & Port Scaning

Check which ports are open on server.

Scan Which ports are open/closed on server

Firewall open ports

Other Services/Application

Memcache Stats

If you dont have nc installed. You can get status of memcache via php