Hi, I'm Zain

I’m a Solution Architect!

I'm a software architect with over 12+ years of experience. I have a passion for web & mobile development. Over the past several years, i have launched many successful products.

Contact Details

Cell: +923004111380     Email: zain@zain.pk

Technologies i love

My Skills Set

Architecture & FrameWorks

CodeIgniter, Yii, WordPress, Web Services, Ionic, Angular, PhoneGap

Databases Design & Optimization

MySql, Percona MySql, MySql WorkBench, MongoDB and managing large databases

Frontend Technologies

CSSMedia QueriesResponsive DesignTwitter BootstrapMobile Friendly LayoutsProject Wire framing

JavaScript, jQuery, jQuery Mobile


SaaS Applications / API

Facebook API, Google Analytics, Google Maps API, Google Adsense, USPS API, PayPal API, YouTube API

Linux Management

Ubuntu Server, CentOS, Dedicated Servers, VPS Servers, Atomic Secure Linux, Amazon EC2, Amazon S3 CDN, CloudFront CDN, Rackspace, Plesk, cPanel, Webmin, Muninz Panel Server Migrations, Remote Server Backups, Jailed FTP Accounts, Firewall Setup, LAMP Setup, Nginx Setup, MongoDB Server, Headless X Server, Logs Parsing & Analysis, Installing SSL Certificate, Shell Scripting, SVN Server, IonCube, Turbocharged storage using tmpfs (Ram Storage)

Performance Optimization

Apache Configurations, MySql Configurations, PHP Configurations, MemCache, APC, xCache, CloudFlare, Browser Cache, Full Output Cache, Object Level Cache, Query Cache, Database Indexes, Monitoring & Optimizing Server via services like newrelic.com, server commands eg: htop, ps, aux, grep, nc, watch, du, saidar, iostat, apache2ctl, nc, nmap commands

Load Testing

Siege, loader.io, Custom Scripts, Apache Bench


Bramerz - Head of Technology

Bitwords Media LLC - Senior Software Engineer

Beaconhouse (Head Office) - Software Engineer

Hashe Computer Solutions - Software Engineer


NCBA&E - Bachelors of Computer Science

Punjab College of Information Technology - ICS

Beaconhouse - Matric

Recent Projects

AppiFire.com – AppiFire engine converts the WordPress website into an Android & iOS App.

myperfumemarket.co.uk – My perfume market is an eCommerce store for perfumes.

DealWorkflow.com – Deal Workflow is an android & iOS mobile app. It is a CRM for real estate agents to manage their properties, contacts, and reminders.

AlBarkatExpress.com – Al Barket Express is an eCommerce store to buy medical products and medicines online.

dnd.com.pk – Dispatch News Desk is an online news publication portal that provides the latest news from around the world.

wifiomatic.com – wifiomatic convert your WiFi router into an intelligent hotspot. Users need to signup to use the internet and brands get customers insights.

Blog Posts

Cryptocurrency – Step by Step for Beginners

For long term investment i recomend to follow coin proof of concept and its backing. Market speculation and pricing... read more

How to update ionic app?

How to update ionic app Give Powershell 7 admin rights to execute everything. Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned We have used auglar update guide https://update.angular.io/ update... read more

Configure varnish cache in front of any website

You need to get a dedicated server, VPS or a droplet on the digital ocean to setup varnish server. Now... read more

Record server uptime in text file

Create a shell script and execute that shell script. TODAY=$(date +"%T") SCRIPT=$(uptime | awk '{print $(NF-2)" "$(NF-1)" "$(NF-0)}') echo "$TODAY | $SCRIPT"... read more

Adobe Premiere tips and tricks

"back & white" "cross dissolve"   Use "crop" filter to crop video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2OYJGZ9nxPs Remove effects simple press backspace or delete https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=40YL1hZjaLE How to Chroma/Green Key in Premiere... read more

Ionic basic commands

Install Ionic npm install -g cordova ionic Start an App ionic start <app-name> tabs Run your App cd myApp ionic serve Get all cordova plugin in... read more

Sever setup of apache vhots, php with different versions, varnish, redis, proFTPD, Webmin, OpenVPN on CentOS 7

Install CentOS 7 and login in via putty. Change Password passwd Check for new updates yum check-update Update your server yum update Install commonly used programs yum... read more

MySql Query Optimization

You can turn on the slow query logs in configrations and then see logs by mysqldumpslow command mysqldumpslow -s c -t... read more

Frequent Asked Questions

Before starting a project, clients have lot of questions in mind before starting. I will love to answer as many questions as possible.

Constancy is free. Please send a your project requirements and i will do a analysis and guide you with the best solution.

I have a project overview. I will share the project timeline in man-hours required to complete the project. Once the client approves the timeline. The client will need to send a 50% advance payment before starting the project. The other 50% will need to be delivered before projects go live.

Years of Development Experience
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I can help.

I’m currently available for freelance work.

You have a project that you want to get started, think you need my help with something or just fancy saying hey, then get in touch.