How to integrate Instant Articles with your website

How to integrate Instant Articles with your website

Following are the major steps for integrating instant articles

  • Requirements
  • Format an Instant Article
  • How to publish an Instant Article


  • You have Facebook page
  • Admin or Editor Permission on that page
  • Instant Articles are available on iPhones and Android devices. Required software is Facebook for iPhone Version 30.0 and iOS 7.0 and above, or Facebook for Android Version 57 and Android Jelly Bean and above.

Format an Articles
-Instant articles created with HTML5
-Add canonical link in the head tags
-Elements used to build instant articles

  • Ad embedded inside article
  • Analytics embedded inside article
  • Animated GIF inside article
  • Article Top level configuration
  • Audio audios in multimedia videos, slideshow and maps
  • Author author of article
  • Blockquote highlight quotation with source attribution
  • Body Text description of article
  • Caption additional context to a media element.
  • Feedback enabling likes and comments on article
  • Footer adding credits and copyrights into article footer
  • visual header has following news tags
    • Title
    • Subtitle
    • Author
    • Kicker
    • Published time
    • Modified time
  • Image image for instant article
  • Map interactive map in article
  • Related Articles articles related to current article
  • Slideshow show multiple images for an article
  • Social Embed content for social media sites
  • Video video inside an article

– Body content formatting
Body text defined by <p> tags and image and video content defined in <figure> tags
-Open Graph Meta tags in head tags

<meta property="og:title" content="Article title">
<meta property="og:description" content="Article description">
<meta property="og:image" content="http://myserver.com/image.jpg">

Publishing Articles:

  • Publishing an Instant Article does not automatically create a new post on your Facebook Page. To post on your Facebook Page, you must still compose and publish a post to your Page.
  • Ask facebook for RSS feed approval.
  • You should only publish new stories via your Instant Articles RSS feed when they are also publicly available on your website.
  • Articles from your RSS feed will be ingested by Facebook every three minutes.
  • All articles in your RSS feed must be published from a single domain.

Steps for publishing articles

  • Create RSS Feed, required elements for RSS Feed are
    • Title : heading of the article
    • Link : canonical URL for the article
    • <content:encoded> : full content of your article in HTML form. Wrapping it with CDATA section
  • Connect the RSS Feed to Facebook Page
  • Verify RSS Feed ingested properly
  • Updating published articles

At times you may need to update the content of a previously published article, as in the case of a developing news story. To automatically specify an article that should be updated and republished, its HTML must include
Limitations for updating articles

  • Facebook only pulls a maximum of 100 items that are new or modified since the last pull. If you are adding or changing more than 100 items every three minutes, the Instant Articles system will only update the first 100 items, sorted by modified time, with the most recent appearing first.
  • If an update to an existing Instant Article is more than 24 hours old based on its op-modified time, it will be ignored by the pull. For example, if your feed is pulled at 12:00pm on October 8th and an article in your feed with the op-modified time set to 11:59am on October 7th, it will be ignored.

Submit your RSS feed for review
You can submit your RSS feed from facebook page, only if you have permission to the page. Facebook will automatically publish articles if there is no error on the page.

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