A little about me.

“I am a software engineer with over 7 years of experience.”

My core expertise's are building rock solid scalable applications and maintaining & optimizing high traffic websites.


Zain Alam


Lahore, Pakistan





“My skills have enabled me to achieve great results!”


In what I'm good .
  • Architecture & FrameWorks
    • CodeIgniter
    • Yii
    • Custom CMS
    • Facebook Application Development
    • Web Services
    • PEAR Libraries
    • WordPress
    • PhoneGap

  • Databases Design & Optimization
    • MySql
    • Percona MySql 5.6
    • MySql WorkBench
    • Managing Large Databases
    • MongoDB
    • SQLyog
    • Navicat
    • EMS MySql Manager

  • Development Related Tools & Softwares
    • Tortoise SVN
    • MongoDB
    • VirtualBox
    • IonCube
    • NetBeans
    • Microsoft Visual Source Safe

  • Linux Management
    • Ubuntu Server
    • CentOS
    • Dedicated Servers
    • VPS Servers
    • Atomic Secure Linux
    • Amazon EC2
    • Amazon S3
    • CDN - CloudFront
    • CDN - Rackspace
    • Plesk
    • cPanel
    • Webmin
    • Munin
    • zPanel
    • Server Migrations
    • Remote Server Backups
    • Jailed FTP Accounts
    • Firewall Setup
    • LAMP Setup
    • Nginx Setup
    • MongoDB Server
    • Headless XServer
    • Logs Parsing & Analysis
    • Installing SSL Certificate
    • Shell Scripting
    • SVN Server
    • Turbo charged storage using tmpfs (Ram Storage)

  • Load Testing
    • Siege
    • loader.io
    • Custom Scripts
    • ApacheBench

  • Markup Languages
    • HTML5
    • XML
    • JSON

  • Performance Optimization
    • Apache Configurations
    • MySql Configurations
    • PHP Configurations
    • MemCache
    • APC
    • xCache
    • CloudFlare
    • Browser Cache
    • Full Output Cache
    • Object Level Cache
    • Query Cache
    • Database Indexes
    • Monitoring & Optimizing Server via services like newrelic.com, server commands eg: htop, ps, aux, grep, nc, watch, du, saidar, iostat, apache2ctl, nc, nmap commands

  • SaaS Applications / API
    • Facebook API
    • Google Analytics
    • Google Maps API
    • Google Adsense
    • USPS API
    • PayPal API
    • YouTube API

  • Scripting Languages
    • JavaScript
    • jQuery
    • jQuery Mobile

  • UI/UX Design
    • CSS
    • Media Queries
    • Responsive Design
    • Twitter Bootstrap
    • Mobile Friendly Layouts
    • Project Wire framing

“Luck is when preparation meets opportunity!”

“I can know a lot, but my experience shows the best of me!”


National College of Business Administration & Economics

CGPA 3.01

Punjab College of Information Technology
MATRIC- 1999 - 2001
Beaconhouse School System


Bramerz (Pvt)- Jun,2010 - Present
Head of Technology

I starting working at PHP Team Lead and currently I am holding position of Head of Technology and managing multiple teams. I am responsible for the software's architecture, introducing new technologies, Handling server securities and optimizing servers for high performance. My core responsibilities include daily meeting with software engineers and discussing the tasks they are about to start. Project technical analysis and code reviewing. I am also working and managing a team which handles "Publishrr" which is a publications software for high traffic newspaper websites which include TheNation, Nawaiwaqt, DailyPakistan, Pique and number of magazines.

Managed and developed many applications for clients i.e Nestle, Unilever, Dell, Pepsi and in-house projects which include 3scrowd, Plzart, Olaroud.

Olaround is a android, iPhone app which shows all restaurants near you and its menu also provides rewards, discounts on your loyalty.

3scrowd platform provides Facebook applications which can be installed on Facebook fan-page. There are currently more than 15 applications which are available.

Managing number of other small websites which are using WordPress and custom CMS. i.e. Servis Shoes, Masala.tv, WaqtTv.

Bitwords Media LLC- May,2009 - Jun,2010
Senior Software Engineer

I was the senior software engineer; I was responsible for overall software design and architecture of the web applications. We have developed bit-cart software which is shopping cart solution like x-cart, cs-cart.

Worked on LinkShare, Commission Junction and DataFeedFiles as affiliate's partners. Developed "Web Crawler and Mining" software for importing data from multiple websites http://SuperPages.com , http://WhitePages.com , http://SwitchBoard.com , http://ZooToo.com . Multiple in-house applications were being executed for data extraction and data was being populated in our databases.

Worked on petâ€s application called JoinPets.com. It is a social networking platform like facebook but for pets. It has CMS integrated for news, articles, pet businesses and detailed reports are used for statistics. Many components are developed like image cropping, image resizing, cron jobs for email notifications, and integration with SugarCRM. It was designed using "Code Igniter" which follows MVC approach using PHP & MySql. Thousands of pet services data is being imported from "Web Crawlers" from various sources.

Beaconhouse (Head Office) - Jan,2009 - May,2009
Software Engineer

Worked as a software engineer, developed software for Inventory, HR, Student Registration and Students Fee Processing and working on several other modules. While working at this job I developed applications using PHP & Oracle as database.

Hashe Computer Solutions - Dec,2007 - Jan,2009
Software Engineer

Designed and maintained database driven web applications. While working at this company I was responsible for development of the software's and client communications. I was working on the key project which was a "Vehicle Portal Management System". VPMS is a web-based cars inventory management system. It was designed using Code Igniter which follows MVC approach using PHP & MySql. System was deployed on multiple websites http://ride65.com

I Personally developed a "PHP Code Generator" which makes frequently used screens and write PHP, AJAX, all JavaScript needed and MySql code with few clicks.

Brainoptic Corporation - May,2007 - Dec,2007
Web Developer

Started my job as an internship, after 6 months I was hired as a web developer. Developed web applications using PHP MySql and designed websites layout. Worked on MindSequence.com which is project management software.

“Many hours of work, thousands of lines of code, a result: My works!”


In what I'm good .